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About Us


Mission Statement

The mission of Prestige Valet & Parking is to brand its name as the best Oklahoma owned and operated valet service, and live up to all expectations; to demonstrate loyalty and professionalism to clients, employees and the community; and to bring back integrity and honesty in valet services.


Our Beliefs

We believe accountability starts at the top, and that it’s one of the key elements in maintaining our company’s success.  We believe in honor and loyalty.  Clients and Employees are equally important to the success of our business.  We adhere to an uncompromising code of ethics that emphasizes complete honesty and sincerity.  We constantly focus on our customer’s needs.  We set high standards for our employees and give them the training and tools to provide superior service.  We will continue to strive for improvement in our performance and ensure our beliefs are never compromised.


Our Services

Prestige Valet and Parking services include, but are not limited to:


  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Wedding/Receptions
  • Private Parties
  • Entertainment Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Casinos
  • We also offer concierge, coat check, greeters and bell service.




We are

 Registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State to do business in Oklahoma, Licensed, bonded and Insured. 



Are you 19 or older?

Are you looking for a full-time, part-time or seasonal job with flexible hours?

Are you hard-working, responsible, respectful, outgoing and energetic?

Can you drive a manual transmission?

 We consider our employees family and hire only the best to represent Prestige Valet & Parking!

• All employees must consent to a background & reference check 

• All employees must consent to drug testing (as well as periodically testing throughout employment)

• All employees must consent and attend any training or continued education that may be required by Prestige Valet & Parking. 

• Employees must show proof of personal insurance.  

Want to become part of our family?

Download our employee packet at the bottom of the web page.

  Email: prestigevaletokc@gmail.com



Prestige Valet respects and values their employees and customers.  We believe in order to give and receive the best service it is important to provide all valet drivers with a vehicle safety-training program that includes a complete evaluation.  

Prestige Valet safety orientation program includes the following:

• Prestige orientation meeting 

• Providing each driver a copy of the training and safety manual

• A vehicle driving and parking test

• Continued education throughout the year



*Healthcare Master Class

*NPA Valet Operations


*Valet Ambassadors Certification Program

~Employees as caregivers: Training & Motivation for Valet Ambassadors in Healthcare Service

~Fundamentals, Skills, Hospitality Excellence & Parker Experience

~Valet Service Lane & Valet Team Effectiveness

~Valets in Action: High Touch/High Tech Service- From Greetings to Incident Management

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At Prestige Valet & Parking we don't "shoot from the hip" with a quote.  Giving ball park estimates is misleading.  WE like to meet with potential customers, get a visual on locations and discuss what would make your event successful.  If you look good- we look good!

Does your event location have an area to set up for valet? (ex: A circular drive)

Does your event location have a separate area for valet parking only?

Have you checked with your neighborhood association?

I have rented/secured a parking lot what else do I need?

These are a few things everyone needs to keep in mind when planning an event with valet services.

Did you know you can not set up valet on city streets without a permit?

Did you know some cities and neighborhoods don't let you park on the street?

Did you know if your parking lot is at a different location two locations must be insured by the valet company?

Did you know that a valet company's insurance will not cover an event if valet parking and self parking are together?

Did you know you should get a copy of the Insurance certificate of coverage when hiring a valet company for your event?

Did you know having the proper number of valet attendants will help your event run smoother with less wait times and a better experience for your guests?

Providing excellent service and keeping a positive reputation is our goal!

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Prestige Valet & Parking

We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing a valet company. 

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Supporting Oklahoma



Jill L. from Yellow Pages, Oklahoma...

"Wow what a nice feeling it was to have such great service from Prestige Valet and Parking. Our company had to host several clients at recent event and they took such great care of us. One phone call was all it took and everything was just how we planned it. No worries at all for us!! I would also like to note that the drivers of our vehicles were so well dressed and very professional. We had comments from our clients on what a great touch it was to have this service. We will call them every time we are in town. "

Bethany S. from Yellow Pages, Oklahoma ...

"Prestige Valet genuinely takes care of their customers. They went out of their way to not only connect on a personal level but reassured that our vehicle was in good hands. The employees were professional, dressed well and personable. Prestige Valet is trustworthy and stands apart from the other valet companies that I have used in the past. Moving forward, Prestige will be the only company that I use! I was extremely impressed!"

Gina Rhodes from Google reviews...

"Recently, we attended an event in Oklahoma City.  The valet service was Prestige Valet & Parking.  We were so impressed with the courtesy and professionalism displayed by the staff.  Living in the DFW area, we use valet parking often. Some of our upscale restaurants and venues could take lessons from Prestige." 

Chandler L. from Yelp...

"Excellent service with great people! I am happy that I used this service. I would high recommend it to anyone!" 

John B. from Yellow Pages...

"I'm not one to leave reviews unless the service is bad or in this case amazing. My wife and I attended an event recently and we were greeted by the professional staff of Prestige Valet. We had to leave the event earlier than expected and we were given our car promptly and courteously. Thank you, Prestige!" 

Happy Client

"Susan!!! WOW!!! Was Valet popular or what????? So much positive feedback.  Thank you so much for being easy to work with and "sticking" in there with us to work things out. You & Monique & employees are awesome!"